Sunday, May 31, 2009

Videos: Drawing the Classical: The Mouldings and the Baluster

Henry Hope Reed and Classical America show the classic shapes, proportions, and techniques taught for the last couple of thousand years. Classic design is so familiar to us we often don't pay attention. But when we see classics done wrong it grates on the eye. This video shows it done the old timey, correct way.

The Mr. Reed starts drawing at about 4:45 if you want to see what the video is all about. At about 10:00 you'll learn the difference between a cyma recta and and cyma reversa.

The pioneers of modern architecture didn't abandon classic proportions although some of their imitators did. Your eye can tell.

You Atlantans may know that Georgia Tech has a Master of Science (major in architecture) with a concentration in Classical Design. Read about the founding of the classical design program in 2007 here. Atlanta architect Bill Harrison helped get it off the ground.

Hee is another video about the Doric Order. I'll post later.

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