Friday, October 30, 2015

Get Thee to Hapevile for Charm, Art, and a Community's Chance

Hapeville is not on the way but it's close by. You should visit. Maybe I can tease you down with a few pictures.

Hapeville is inside the perimeter. It has a compact and picturesque downtown. Its main street (Central Avenue) is just two lanes and somehow embraces the railroad. It has life long residents who love it.

I have family connections. JoAnn's uncle, great uncle, and cousins lived in Hapeville working at Ford and Delta. She lived with Earl and Mae for a summer. I courted her down there. I always liked it and her.

I visited last Saturday evening for the Hapeville Art's Alliance's Gallery Crawl, the unveiling of Katie Lebel's three new pieces for the depot, and "Fire Women" by Charmaine Minniefield in the depot gallery.

Dr. Samuel Hape (1830 - 1915). Portrait by Katie Label on the north side of the Depot now the home of the Hapeville Art Alliance Gallery. Dr. Hape founded Atlanta Dental in 1868 which is still in business today. He's buried in Oakland Cemetery.

Here's a little overview of the town, a 15 Second Video from the pedestrian bridge across the tracks:

The depot is a history museum and gallery.

Mayor Alan Hallman (on ladder) and Councilman Michael Randman unveil Katie's bandstand.

"Fire Women" by Charmaine Minniefield is on display in the depot through October 31.

Hapeville's not that big.

The beautiful Christ Church is now an event faculty.

Peek in to see the scissor beams.

IMG_1711 2014-09-06 1890 Hapeville Victorian getting painted Al and Tim detail 2
Find the 1890 Victorian with a fresh paint job. It's just a block south the depot on South Fulton Avenue.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Terry's Tiny Tips for Home Weddings - Wedding Bosses

I'm not saying it was the best home wedding ever. But I'm not saying it wasn't. 

This is my salute to the Wedding Bosses. Our friends and guests pitched in mightily. They didn't just attend the wedding, they made it special. And they did it in the rain.

Don't miss "Cake Bosses," the little video at the very end.

Jesse was Chief Umbrella Boss for the march down the aisle.

There was a lot of work to do.

20150105_122811 2015-01-05 Reeder Winter Sun
It's photogenic but a bit run down in the paint and landscape department. The Boss of All Wedding Bosses insisted we do some serious spiffing.

IMG_20150924_175208 2015-09-24 scaffold boss Spencer taking it down
Spencer is Scaffold Boss. We named our lawnmower, "The Spencer," in his honor.

IMG_20150913_104142 2015-09-13 DK Painting Reeder gable paint boss
David is Paint Boss, Glazing Boss, and Look After His Dad Boss.

20150920_114005 2015-09-20 Landscaping and Painting Reeder Rachel and Friend by Todd yard boss landscape boss
Todd and Emily are Yard Bosses. They recruited a team to rescue our exhausted front yard. It was like a barn raising. They joked and sang amusing songs. Now we have Emily's Garden and Todd's Garden. We are in the process of naming our trees after them: The Ben, The Mary Lou, The Wil.

IMG_20150920_133123 2015-09-20 Landscaping and Painting Reeder Rachel and Friend by Todd
They are all Bush Bosses. You may know that a cubic foot of soil weighs about 100 pounds. The bosses moved tons of our beloved clay.

The Groom is Tiller Boss AND Pressure Wash Boss.

20150922_185730 2015-09-22 Reeder Painting Michelle DK
They got it looking real good. Thanks to Paint Picker Boss, Helen Crawford.

IMG_20150921_132714 2015-09-21 Plumber McCary and Daughters
Of course every front yard wedding needs a broken water pipe in the front yard. Plumbing Boss: M. Cary and Daughters to the rescue with same day service.

IMG_8257 2015-09-25 wedding rehersal NV RK DK KK
Friday's Rehearsal Bosses at scene of bonding.

Wedding day was a whirlwind of loving friends who wanted to help.

IMG_20150926_113000  2015-09-26 Wedding RK NV wedding day candle boss
Candle Bosses.

IMG_20150926_134053  2015-09-26 Wedding RK NV wedding day table boss
Table Bosses.

IMG_20150926_123011  2015-09-26 Wedding RK NV wedding day ring
Nail Boss.

IMG_20150926_124024  2015-09-26 Wedding RK NV wedding day makeup boss Kristina Vancea
Makeup Boss, Kristina Vancea.

IMG_20150926_124513  2015-09-26 Wedding RK NV wedding day Hair boss Krista Stegall
Krista, Hair Boss.

IMG_20150926_132952  2015-09-26 Wedding RK NV wedding day jesse Paluch turf boxx dk
Did I mention the rain? Jesse, Umbrella Boss AND Turf Boss, saved the day.

IMG_20150926_134552  2015-09-26 Wedding RK NV wedding day ice boss Quincy John JK
Quincy and John: father-son Tub Boss Team.

IMG_20150926_143855 2015-09-26 NV RK wedding dress Abby Smith taking pictures
Abby Smith: Picture Boss

IMG_20150926_184648 2015-09-26 Wedding RK NV wedding day reception Abby Smith
Abby Smith: Picture Boss AND one of many Good Cheer Bosses.

Cake Bosses. We had 8 home made wedding cakes.

(Missing: Next Morning Breakfast Bosses: Syd, Debbie, and Debbie.)

I'm not saying it was the best home wedding ever. But I'm not saying it wasn't.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tiny Tour of Two Doomed to Demolition 1858 and 1950 - Still Here as of Tuesday

This is no fun. I take little detours to visit these, the maps are at the bottom of this post. They are still with us as of October 6, 2015.
Will they still be there tomorrow?  I'm paying them a little respect before they are gone.

I let folks know on Facebook and Instagram. Here are links to my pictures and videos for the record.

1385 Middlesex Avenue 30306 in Morningside. Built 1858. Moved from Woodville, Georgia to Atlanta in 1985.

The "difference" makes it a Morningside landmark that few outsiders have seen.

Maybe it still has a chance, maybe just some of the parts.

Demolition Watch One of Atlanta's Oldest Buildings Will Soon be No More by Michael Khan Curbed Atlanta 

One of Atlanta’s Oldest Homes Set for Demolition by Crystal Sturgeon Atlanta Agent Magazine

True Deliverance Church 1433 Watson Street, Atlanta in the Edgewood neighborhood. 1950 per Dekalb County property tax records.

It's one of 4 churches within a few blocks. This one is right on the street, pointed sideways, clinging to a hillside. Quite a sight in the winter from the valley to the east, a tributary Sugar Creek. I'm not sure if it will still be here when the leaves fall.

20150908_162012 2015-09-08 1385 MIDDLESEX AVE teardown Morningside before

Pictures 1385 Middlesex

Videos 1385 Middlesex

20151006_142540 2015-10-06  2015-06-22 True Deliverance Church 1433 Watson St NE Atlanta, GA  steepleatl steeple Edgewood teardown

Pictures: True Deliverance Church 1433 Watson St NE Atlanta
Videos: True Deliverance Church 1433 Watson St NE Atlanta

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