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I try to "sing for my supper" by blogging. In February I met author and historian William R. Mitchell Jr. for the first time. Then on  March 3rd I found myself at Rhodes Hall attending Clay Rokicki's impressive 2010 J. Neel Reid Prize Lecture. I'd stumbled in to something great. Now I want to learn more about the prize winners. Over the next year or so I hope to "sing" their praises.

Winners of the J. Neel Reid Prize
2001 / Cara Cummins "In In Pursuit of Caravaggio"
2002 / Michael Kleeman focus on Sebastiano Serlio
2003 / Pernille Christensen “Retracing the Footsteps of John Ruskin”
2004 / Heather Cook
2005 / Jonathan LaCrosse
2006 / Andrew Kohr
2007 / Paul Knight "The Legacy of Reid and Shutze - Bringing Rome to Atlanta..."
2008 / McLean Jenkins "Venice: Sketches of the City"
2009 / Steven Spandle
2010 / Clay Rokicki "Brief Tour of Southern England"
2011 / Thomas Blake Segars (Blake Segars) "The Life and Select Works of Lutyens and Jekyll"
2012 / Emily Lenke
2013 / Stephanie Bryan "Chiaroscuro Eterno: A 21st-Century Study of Timeless Italian Villas"
2014 / Claire and Robert Smith "A ‘Walking’ Tour of Spanish Cities"
2016 / Jacques Levet Jr. "Jefferson's French Influence on American Architecture"
2017 / Reinaldo M. Hernandez 
2018 / Mary Elizabeth Bland
2019 / Rene Salas 
2020 / Connor M. Bingham "Apprenticeship and Attitudes on Architecture: A Study of Architectural Education"
2023 / Matt Schaefer "F. L. Olmsted's Life and Legacy"
2024 / Clay Kiningham

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation has awarded the J. Need Reed Prize annually since 2001

The J. Neel Reid Prize Program Description and Criteria
The J. Neel Reid Prize of $4,000 will be awarded to a student, an intern or a recently registered professional in the field of architecture or landscape architecture for study travel that honors the legacy of Neel Reid.

The focus of the study travel should involve historic architecture (built prior to Neel Reid’s death in 1926), historic landscapes, historic preservation of classic architecture or new construction that is classic and context-related.

The Book Supports the Prize
"J. Neel Reid, Architect by William R. Mitchell. Jr., published by The Georgia Trust, gives new life to Reid's rich legacy, keeping his influence fresh in this new century. The J. Neel Prize, provided by a Georgia Trust fund produced from the sale of the book, helps ensure continuation of Reid's influence among a new generation of architects." Buy the book to support the prize and to delight your family.

The Reid book was published in 1997
By 1999 the GA Trust executive. committee made it official that "all net revenue from the proceeds of the of the book be used to establish a prize or fellowship administered by the Trust for young architects to travel abroad to study classical architecture." That quote is from a meeting of the Neel Reid Task Force meeting of September 25, 2000. That Task Force was chaired by Mose Bond. Later a Prize Task Force was formed, on which Bond served, as have I, to this day. ( Mose had been on the Reid book committee, after he served as chairman of the Trust board, and he attended that Prize lecture last week.) -Bill Mitchell (William R. Mitchell Jr., Southern Architecture Foundation)

Clay Rokicki delivers the J. Neel Reid Prize lecture at Rhodes Hall, March 3, 2011.

Most Georgia architecture fans have favorite Neel Reid buildings.

I never tire of this one: the Old Scottish Rite Hospital (1918-19) in Oakhurst. It's a small complex of dignified low-rises in a residential neighborhood that pleases every every time.

Is there a solarium like this anywhere else in Atlanta? The Old Scottish Rite has two of them.

Author William R. Mitchell Jr. with 4 Neel Reid Prize winners: Jonathan LaCrosse 2005, Clay Rokicki 2010, Paul Knight 2007, Thomas Blake Segars 2011, Picture taken 2012-03-01 at Rhodes Hall, Atlanta.

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