Saturday, October 25, 2008

Catching up: Posts: October 25-26, 2008

More views from the Grant Building

From the 2nd floor of the Grant Building, this must be the most charming office in downtown Atlanta. More pictures here.

The view toward the Nations Bank (by Philip Trammell Shutze (1890-1982)

The view up Walton Street and the Muse building.

3 sawtooth roofs around Atlanta, one old and two new

The wonderful Pratt Engineering/Pullman Company propety in KirkwoodPA201104-Rogers-Street-Ga-Power-Saw

A new condo in the Old Forth Ward has a "fine" cutting bladePA191075-Old-4th-ward-saw


2115 Piedmont is just finishing up.

View from the Silhouette Midtown's 8th floor

The Silhouette Midtown is across Peachtree Street from Pershing Point. Here is a view to the north. You can see a rooftop or two of Ansley Park and the roof of WSB.

To the Buckhead skyline.PA211107-silhouette-insideout


The view towards the WNW.PA211110-silhouette-to-NW>/p>

Three funky buildings on Clairmont Road

Clairmont Road runs from Peachtree Industrial Road near the Peachtree Dekalb Airport due south the old Dekalb County Courthouse in Downtown Decatur. I don't think any would would declare it worthy of Architectural Tourism, except for me. Here are 3 that mix brick, wood, metal and stone.

The Cliff Valley School has checkerboard brick and stone accents.

This stone building with upturned eaves looks oriental:

Across from the VA hospital this:

Across from the VA hospital detail:

From the roof top of Castleberry Point Lofts October, 2008

The grand opening party for Castleberry Point lofts was October 23, 2008. Food and drinks were on rooftoop. Here we are at dusk.

A better look at the rooftop lounge. Nice place for a party. The exercise room is up here too.

This is the view down from the rooftop. It's crazy yellow and looked great at dusk.

The Deere Loft's neon sign is nice at eye-level.

Here is the view to the north.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Amazing Mosaic on Barnett Street by Donna Pinter

It's 100 (+ or -) feet long and new in 2008! Find Barnett Street. It runs north and south between Virgina Avenue and Ponce de Leon. By Donna Pinter and commissioned by a wonderful neighbor. My pictures are not worthy of this beautiful piece. You'll have to find it yourself.
It's huge. You can click on each picture to make it a little bigger, please do>

From north to south:

The end. Is it a dragon's head?

Zen View: Six Miles from 4th Ward to the Mansion on Peachtree

Head to the Old Fourth Ward. Get on the Glen Iris Bridge over Freedom Parkway at the corner of Highland Avenue and look north: The Mansion on Peachtree is six miles away. If you look a bit harder you can see the new Sovereign as well. Think Robert A. M. Stern planned that view? Did you know that that Atlanta's Harrison Design Associates (home of Bill Harrison) is doing interiors of the Mansion's condos?

Look closer:

While you are there stop at the Old Fourth Ward Johnny's Pizza and say hello to Jack Blaustein.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

North Kirkwood at the tracks and Kirkwood Lofts

Drive west on College Avenue in Decatur. One block past Kirkwood Road, College Avenue turns left and becomes Howard Street. The reward is here:

Build as a track-side commercial building the details are modest but classic. This will look great in another 100 years.

Howard Street has some great houses but I'll save it for another day. Find Kirkwood Lofts, one block east of Howard. This is one of many beautiful recycled school buildings in Atlanta. It sits on it's own hill across the street from a park. You've probably never seen it.

A Decatur chruch you'd probably never see

The Christ Covenant Chuch is on Hibernia Avenue in Decatur. It's tucked into it's own green space. The through the eave windows are an unusual touch.

The steeple is modest. The windows are French and gothic

Views from the Grant Building in downtown Atlanta

The Grant Building is a modest beauty that fronts on Walton Street. It's entry doors are actually on Broad and Forsyth Streets. But I want to show you the view from inside. The view from the lower floors may be the most charming urban views in Atlanta. All you can see are some of Atlanta very best older buildings and a few news ones.

First, let's here it for transom windows.

The Healey Building, the old Reeder McGhahee Sporting Goods store. The top of the Flat Iron.

The Muses building.

The Healey Building's east facade with 191 Peachtree, the Equitable and Georgia Pacific Buildings as a backdrop.

The Grant Building's west facade on Forsyth Street is on the left. The Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center is modern building dead ahead bathed in morning light. It's the most impressive building south of Marietta Street in Atlanta. It looks like you should miniaturize it an plug it into your motherboard. I really like it but I probably shouldn't. From street level is offputting but in a more impressive way that most new federal buildings. Here is the wikimpia for the neighborhood.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Southside Atlanta: Jonesboro Rd at Lakewood Ave.

Exit at Langford Parkway, head east toward Lakewood Stadium. You'll find a five-points intersection at Lakewood Avenue and Jonesboro Road, where Lakewood Heights meets South Atlanta in NPU-Y. It's a little commercial corner that I like so much. It's a bit run down now but it has human scale and that lived in look. It's coming back.

Heading north on Lakeside just south of the Jonesboro intersection you catch a glimpse of an old masonic temple in beige brick.

A bit closer we see the well kept Scott building on Jonesboro.

South from the Scott building is this old service station with amazing columns. it's at the corner of Whatley Street and Jonesboro Road.

It's boarded up and fenced in as is something may yet happen there. I hope it will.

On the west side of Lakewood is this modest but classy abandoned building.

A little bit of parapet detail elevates a little building.
Where Rhodesia Avenue crosses Lakewood and Jonesboro is this attractive corner. This could be East Atlanta, Little Five Points or Virginia Highlands.

West of Jonesboro there charming little houses (pictures in another post) and a church on nearly every block.

This 2-story is a bit sad but would look great anywhere. The roof has collapsed probably from a fire.

Where Lakewood meets Milton there is an abandoned depot with huge columns. I hope to get a better picture.

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