Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day tribute to Jig and Mac

In 2001 I began helping publish the stories of two remarkable men, both veterans of WW 2, John D. Bridgers M.D. also known as Jig or Jigs. and Mackenzie J Gregory also known as Mac.

Jig, a U.S. Navy carrier pilot, is now gone but he left a remarkable family and remarkable memoirs. I had the great pleasure of several visits, BBQ meals, and a road trip with Jig toward the end of his life. His son, and my friend, Carl put Jig's family, war, and career stories on the web. He's in the lower left.

In High Point we know him as Dr. Bridgers, a pediatrician. If you are a High Pointer, in my age range, you may know him that way. If you had Dr. Geddie, as I did, you'll want to read Jig's "The Spaghetti Shaman - Dr. Kenneth Geddie" about another amazing High Pointer.

Mac was sent to sea in 1939 as a 17 year old midshipman in the Royal Australian Navy. Many Americans don't realize that Great Britain was at war for 2 years before Pearl Harbor. After his naval service and career in private business Mac became a naval historian and continues to this day.

I've never met Mac but we have talked twice on the phone. We got together by fortunate chance over the web in 2001. Since then, he's written and I've published more than a million words.

Mac's and Jig's stories have touched folks around the world. So many WW 2 vets are passing on. Families are hungry for information. These stories will be resources for generations to come.
John D. Bridgers M.D., Memoirs and personal remembrances

Ahoy - Mac's Web Log, Naval, Maritime, Australian History and more Mackenzie J Gregory
I salute Jigs and Mac. They've certainly taught me much. The honor has been all mine.


  1. This is an endearing post, Terry. And, yes, as time marches on and we no longer have first-hand accounts, these written memories are priceless!

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