Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pictures from the Castleberry Art Stroll, May 2009

We did it again, KK, DB and me. A Perfect Atlanta night started with a tiny sprinkle. The art is in the 62 slides of the slide show below. Check out these giant heads by Anthony Palliser at Besharat Gallery.


Marolake Odeleye showed at Diamond Lounge Creative.

Allen Cooley showed at Gallery Stokes.

Grant Spafford, Grease Monkey Metal Works, was at Niche Gallery. Grant planned on some "performance welding" later in the evening.

C.A. Coleman was set up at Swagg House Studios and a hat tip to Swagg proprietor, Tiger, for making us so welcome.

John Tindel (center) showed at Marcia Wood and Mad Man Studios - shown below. Chris Kowalski, on the right is the Mad Man himself, but mad in the nicest way.
To find Mad Man during the stroll, follow the Mad Man hand bills in the right hand hall of Krause Gallery. So now you know.

Stacy Shafritz was at the Granite Room.

I hope you'll watch slide show in full screen.

We'll finish off with another Anthony Palliser at Besharat Gallery. All these eyes follow you around the room.


  1. It has been awhile since I have done a Castleberry Art Stroll, so thanks for the photos. Always makes me proud to see so many Atlantans supporting the up and coming art scene downtown. Great neighborhood.

  2. You really saw every inch of the stroll! Looking through your photos, I see I missed quite a bit. Next time I need to arrive before the sun is setting!


  3. those are some cute cool guys. About 30 years ago, I'd be right there! :)

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