Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pictures from the Duck Pond Garden Tour 2009

Katherine and I did Atlanta's Peachtree Heights East Duck Pond Garden Tour today. We toured from about 11 until 2 in a light rain. It was wonderful. The sun would have been nice. But the clouds and rain intensified the green hues I think. At the bottom of the post is my slide show with nearly 80 pictures. They turned out "real good" as we say down here. For fans of French, don't miss the slide show.

The duckpond is a jewel one block from Peachtree Street. People get married on this lawn.

Here is Katherine with designer John Delong. He does insides and outsides. Email me: terry at and I'll put you in touch.

There was plenty to make me happy, including these little blue flowers

This is a great composition but I just took the picture:

We'll come back on a warm Atlanta evening for dinner.

This side yard is perfect for a potting locker and table.

Nothing like some orange pop.

Do watch the slide show full screen. These are some of my best pictures.

Thanks so much,


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the pictures of this tour, and wish I could have attended in person. There are so many things to some of the designs incorporated old trees that were already part of the landscape, a lantern I spied, a lovely window box, the pea gravel in some of the designs. I wish the weather had been better, I am sure there was so much planning and organization that went into this event!

    Thanks for the tour, great post.

  2. Fortunately, we bought our tickets online - before it started raining - so there was not stopping us. Some of the docents said they had a good crowd.

    About 2pm, it started raining harder. At least we didn't track mud into anybody's house.

    What a great neighborhood.

  3. Terry,
    Just stopped by via Things That Inspire and so glad I did! Your pictures are beautiful. I am a Southerner who has been transplanted to the Pacific Northwest and always looking for good dose of the South. Thanks for sharing and will stop by more often!


  4. * Terry, I so enjoyed your photos~~~ such BEAUUUTIFUL SUBJECT MATTER!!! What a delight to see! And the "orange pop"? ~~~ faaaabulous with all that wonderfully wet greenery!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Linda in AZ *

  5. Glad you braved the rain as we did. I think getting wet was well worth seeing so many inspiring gardens! Great pictures.

  6. What a gorgeous garden! Thanks for sharing those great pics :)

  7. Hi Terry!

    What lovely photos. You are a talented photographer. The event you went to sounds a lot like one my hubby and I went to. it was called Parade of Ponds and we toured from morn to nightfall. We came home inspired and excited to work on our own garden features.

    Thank you for stopping by "too Blessed to Stress" I appreciate your comment. You are such a dear for giving into your wife's basket love. Although I must say, I think she has be beat with 19+ baskets! Go wife!!!!

    Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you'll be back soon.

    Blessings, Emily from too Blessed to Stress

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  9. This looks like a fun day at the park. The photography is excellent, as well.


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