Friday, May 8, 2009

Lora Groton Rust - Ceramic Designs Studio Show

Ceramic artist Lora Groton Rust has a show this weekend on Zonolite Road, near Emory and Morningside, home of Floataway Cafe. You need to be there:

May 8, 9, & 10, 2009, 10AM-6PM
1198 Zonolite Rd., Atlanta, GA 30306,, 404-805-0979

Salt-Fired 9" Bowl
Salt-Fired 9" Bowl by Lora Groton Rust
My 3 children got this bowl for me for Father's day and my birthday.

This weekend is Victoria Greenhood's spring studio show. Victoria is is a jewelry designer in Atlanta who sells out of Nantucket during the summers. Very clever of Vickie to have a jewelry sail on Mothers' Day weekend.

Amber Shell Plate
Amber Shell Plate by Lora Groton Rust

For the family girls Victoria's show is a must see and only a mile away on Zonolite Road. I tag along but this jewelry business it a bit too girly for me. I can only take it for a few minutes at a time. Fortunately, Victoria's new tenant, Lora Groton Rust is showing her ceramics this weekend too.

Lora Gorton Rust's Studio is right next door. Victoria personally escorted me over, explaining that Ms. Rust's ceramics were selling fast. Within 5 minutes Victoria had bought a bowl!

There there I was in Lora Groton Rust's new studio with a collection of amazing ceramics. (Translation for Terry: stuff made out of clay.) I don't know much about how it's done. What I do know is that I love sculpture, clay stuff is sculpture, and ceramic artists have no limits.

Lora's work knocked me out. I ran back to tell my girls and waited patiently until they picked out their jewelry, and Mother's Day jewelry for mom and grandma. It took 3 days.

There is a secret: The backs / bottoms of most of her pieces have beautiful designs too.
Detail - Latte Bowl
Detail - Latte Bowl by Lora Groton Rust

Finally they made to Ms. Rust's show. They loved it as much a I did. As you notice above, they got a bow!

Here is Lora Groton Rust's Flickr portfolio. There is much more at her show. But you'd better get there soon.


  1. Your children are so thoughtfull!!! It's really beautiful...and the bottom too.

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