Saturday, May 16, 2009

pb&j gallery on a rainy Kirkwood Day

It's my birthday so the Architecture Tourist Auxiliary invited me to the Kirkwood Spring Fling. By the time I got there it was raining pretty hard so I rescued them and we headed to downtown Kirkwood to see if the shower would blow over.

We headed to the pb&j gallery where we met artists and owners Bob Burkhardt and Jack Simonetta. pb&j is presenting "Endless Summer" until July 3.

Here is Bob Burkhardt with a few of his coastal themed photographs. There is a size, color, contrast, and saturation for everybody. Many are very reasonably priced.

Here is Jack Simonetta with his coastal watercolors. Obviously, Jack and Bob have a healthy case of beach lust. Your blog hosts decided then and there to have shrimp for dinner.

Endless Summer also featured beachy photographs by Peggy Dana, many available unframed.

These chairs look inviting. Heck, every picture looked inviting.

On the right, Tracy Murrell's still life seemed to glow.

David Zecca's abstracts could fill an entire room

Thanks to Bob and Jack for the best possible shelter from the rain.

But we needed to move on, and it was still raining so we headed around the corner to The Mission Motif, featuring craftsman home furnishings - very appropriate for Kirkwood. You should certainly drop in.

It's a handsome store filled with practical eye candy, lighting included:

and fans and much more.

I doubt many of my Atlanta readers have been to Kirkwood. It's not on the way to anywhere. It's beyond the urban pioneer stage now but still home to many orginal residents as well as many young newcomers.

Plan to visit Kirkwood's quiet streets filled with attractive bungalows.

Don't miss Howard Street and Kirkwood Road which run between College Avenue and Hosea Williams. You turn a corner and find amazing homes and churches big and small. I wonder how they came to be here and what were they like in their prime. You'll wonder too.



  1. Happy Birthday. Kirkwood sounds delightful.

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