Sunday, March 26, 2017

Growing Atlanta's Preservation Community

We are all so busy. So how can we engage Atlanta’s enthusiasts, activists, its energy, and generous spirit? Please join me Sunday, March 26, 4:30pm at the Atlanta Preservation Center and let's talk about it. How should we leverage and amplify our grass roots: Atlanta's walkers, runners, shoppers, stroller pushers, bikers, photographers, artists, urban explorers, urbanists, our historians, librarians, teachers. How can we bring them in? How can they bring us in? We'd better do both. It's time for innovation in what is often seen as a backwards facing profession and hobby.

Atlanta has everything we need to be a leader. And that would be fun don't you think?

Terry's Tiny Tips.

1. Help folks be part of the story. Leverage local knowledge and enthusiasm. We are each experts on where we live.

2. Represent in your own communities.

 3. Introduce yourself.

4. Recognize and praise regularly.

5. Make it easy to find out: Issues, current events, leading voices, happenings.

6. Explain the terms that aren't as strong as they sound.

7. Support and fund preservation rocket science.

8. Make preservation current events.

9. Meet-up in our most beautiful spaces.

10. Reach out in every direction, go to their meetings.

11. Have great arguments.


"We build in order to dwell among neighbors and to dwell is to live among neighbors who have as great an interest in how we build as we do. A town is a home where strangers settle side by side and enjoy a shared sense of belonging. Its streets are public spaces, the facades of its buildings stand in a personal relation to all that pass them by."
- Roger Scruton

"As surprising as it sounds, Atlanta remains chock-full of historic sites, inspiring spaces and people who care about them. This year, the Atlanta Preservation Center celebrates them March 4–26 with 270+ free tours of 99 places all over Atlanta.

"And we really need to celebrate. Preservation can be a heartbreaking profession, a depressing hobby. Even the “easy ones” are hard."

 - Preview: Terry Kearns’ guide to the 2017 Phoenix Flies festivities Mar 9, 2017

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Thanks to everyone who joined us.

The outline and reminder sheet.

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