Thursday, May 14, 2009

Starter Home $368/square foot

Hooked on Houses is hosting her "Hooked on Friday's" blog party: today I'm hooked on a harmonious little house for sale in Morningside, Atlanta. Here is related post.

Here is the deal:
Built in 1940
, asking: $439,900 for 1,194 square feet, a bit more than 1/10 acre. Here is the listing. This 2br, 2 ba, is smaller than average with above average design.


My suburban friends can't imagine living in these relatively small homes with un-small prices. If you weren't raised in a place like this, I think you need to move here when you are young. This is a reminder to look at the listing. Check out the kitchen ceiling.


This is a handsome, well proportioned house that pleases the eye every time. We have all seen mansions with these proportions and details. It's a bit Greek revival with columns, shallow roof pitch, emphasized but simplified cornices. Tiny dentals above the entry porch. Beefy returns. These are serious details that didn't happen by accident. It might have come from a pattern book.


It looks nice in it's "for sale" trim. Nice urns, window boxes, informal, low-rise foundation plantings. We'll down grade it for the stick-on shutters but they look good.

What isn't so obvious are the oversize windows. I thing we can call it fenestration: windows sized and placed for aesthetics. The facade's elements are in harmony.

There is another thing.

We modern, design sophisticates think natural light was invented in 1985. If you look at the listing, you'll notice that the house is filled with natural light.


See all these windows on the side? Way more window than brick.

The cornice is continuous across the gable. The little window in the gable, deep overhang, and returns please the eye. There are many ways to do this wrong.

Do you notice the depth of the windows? I guess that's known as a deep reveal. From A Pattern Language No. 223: "...Make the window frame a deep, splayed edge..."

Here is a look across the next door neighbors yard, very lush and attractive and a bit more modern.


The Walk Score is 60 but my personal rating is higher. See Atlanta's neighborhood walk score rankings. With #8 Virginia-Highland about 4 blocks away, This is as good as it gets in a safe, low rise Atlanta neighborhood.

For you savvy Atlantans, it's a level 2 block walk to Alons, Providence Antiques, and Movies Worth Seeing.

Ready to call the agent?



  1. The exterior is really nice. I love all the windows -- interesting way to hang artwork in what I'm guessing is the office.

    Do you know if the ceiling was hand-painted??

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  2. Well, it certainly looks like somewhere I'd be happy to call home. Umm, well, except, the kitchen ceiling might be more than I could handle at breakfast time. Otherwise, I could shed a few possessions and move in quite happily. Thanks for the post!

  3. I can't tell about the ceiling, where would you get something like that. It's a bit much for me but I admire the pluck. They should probably change it for showing but it would probably break their heart.

  4. Beautiful home, love all the details.

  5. Lovely house - isn't this what realtors call a jewel box? Great post with the window comments.

  6. Hi Terry,

    Living in Vancouver, I am never shocked with prices. You're right, this is a little the mention and use of pattern is used well...and I like the returns on the sides of hte house supporting the gutters. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Have a great's a long weekend here, and turning out to be georgous!


  7. Love all the windows! Great curb appeal!

  8. I love this little house! I would live in it now. You have such a way of describing homes. It's nice.

  9. It is such a cute listing! All of those windows are amazing --- and I'd have no problem with the square footage... after living in an NYC apartment, this place would feel like a mansion!

  10. Love all the windows! The home has great character.

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  12. Why did I miss this post too? I just realized the issue: I had you on my blog roll, but not my blog list. I pretty much stick to my blog lost for updated posts. A huge oversight that has been corrected!

    Great post. I see the house is still for sale, alas.

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