Monday, February 19, 2018

Terry's #PhoenixFlies2019 Curation: Five Unseen Ponce de Leon Churches

Phoenix Flies 2019 is only a year way. Here's are some places I'd enjoy seeing at the next #phoenixflies. To my knowledge they've never been on the tour.

(Here are links to the online Phoenix Flies 2018 Program, to the Phoenix Flies 2018 Event Cards, and to the Phoenix Flies 2018 Daily Calendar Cards.)

St. Paul's Presbyterian is a landmark a block from the Fox. One of our four Hopson designed churches. It's been home to several churches and a restaurant. It needs some $love.

Grace United Methodist Church by Francis Palmer Smith, big stained glass, big organ, great acoustics, muscular shoulder-pad street-front appearance, parphrasing Robert Criag who wrote the book.

Church at Ponce & Highland formerly Druid Hills Baptist is at one of Atlanta's most picturesque corners, a 100% corner - per Dhiru Thadani. By same designers at First Church of Christ Scientist.

Church at Ponce & Highland formerly Druid Hills Baptist: MUST SEE INSIDE.

Saint John Chrysostom Melkite Catholic Church was a glorious Candler Mansion, now a glorious church.

Inside Saint John Chrysostom, a high style family home that had a bowling alley.

Is the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in the City of Atlanta? I don't know but the congregation used to meet on Seminole in Little Five Points.


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  3. I've never seen the inside of Saint John Chrysostom, quite a surprise! Thanks, Terry!

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