Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mary Mac's - Barometer of Intown Health?

Eaten at Mary Mac's Tea Room lately? We've been eating there, on and off, since 1969. Quite a place that's had it's ups and downs.

My family takes me to Mary Mac's for my birthday dinners. Last Friday we headed to the corner of Ponce and Myrtle Streets for the celebration. We arrived about dark, 7:45 or so, and I dropped the family off. I couldn't find a parking place for 3 blocks!

I finally found a parking place but before I could get out of the car my phone rang. There was an hour and a half wait! Mary Mac's was hosting 2 rehearsal dinners and a Bar Mitzvah party.

This is a very good sign for the health for intown Atlanta and, of course, for folks who enjoy Mary Mac's.

We will reschedule my Mary Mac's birthday meal. I hope I'll have to time to tell you why I enjoy it so much.

Hint: it's not just the food, it's the location, the building, the setting, the decor, the service, the comfort, and the memories. Quite a place, quite a place.


  1. Very interesting! I like unconventional measures to gauge the health of the city.

  2. Can't wait to read and see more about it. Sounds just like my kind of place! Happy Birthday, my friend! Enjoy!

  3. I should make another point. Mary Mac's lunch crowd is more about office folks in the neighborhood. It's a nice 4 block walk from Peachtree.

    By dinnertime most office folks are back home. I don't have proof but I presume that most weekend and evening diners live in town.

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