Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Crystal Palace Costco at Town Brookhaven

Town Brookhaven is a-building. It's a new urban, mixed use development on Peachtree Road by Sembler between the Brookhaven MARTA station and Oglethorpe University. It's in a wide open, level stretch of road, past the bustle of Buckhead and before the strip centers of Doraville.

They are building a most beautiful Costco there.

I'm guessing that all of structure will show. I hope so. I've never seen so much white steel.

It's big and sits in a typical big box parking lot. I hope the setting will improve as Town Brookhaven builds out.

The roof curves from end to end. It's light and full of air yet solidly on the ground.

I am not a natural shopper but if you can get me in the door, I'll just be happy admiring the filigree of the roof trusses.

The straightforward shapes of the loading dock makes the steel dance even more.

The beauty of this building is clear from early on. The builders enjoy it every day. That's rare. Many structures look terrible until the last details are complete.

Why install the light fixtures so early? Not a problem with me, they have a nice look.

Find out more about the original Crystal Palace.


  1. All the white steel is beautiful... but I wonder why the hung the lights already?? Doesn't that seem a little silly?

  2. I'd doing the light now must save money/time. It's a good look though. You have to turn off Peachtree to see it.


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