Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pictures from The Sartorialist's (Scott Schuman) visit to Atlanta Sep. 17

Were you there? What a party, what a beautiful bunch of Atlantans.

We hereby award Scott Shuman the first Architecture Tourist Award for Courageous Good Humor at Book Signings on Wa'wm Atlanta Evenings.

Here is Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist at the Hagedorn Foundation Gallery in Atlanta getting job the done.

Here is the back office before it got crowded.

This is early on.

Later the crowd picked up outside.

Iinside they brought the heat.


Many photographers had cameras bigger than my head. I defer to them for the best pictures. So I'll leave you my little slide-show and you can be on your way.

First I want to think folks who said hello to me. To Barry Leach of The Blue Remembered Hills and partner Rory Carlton, to Zenobia Morrow, graphic designer and school bud of my children, to Debbie Chapman who I hadn't seen in like forever, to Marianne Lambert, Swan Coach House curator, consultant and art maven, the folks from The 2econd Floor.

Were you there?


  1. Terry! These are all amazing! What a crowd what a crowd! How much fun was that!

  2. How much fun! And your predictions were right--the fashion didn't disappoint. What did you wear, Mr. A. T.?

  3. Red polo, wrinkled Target khaki shorts, sockless boat shoes, flyaway hair. Not a pretty sight I tell ya'.

  4. I was but not in these photos! Thanks for taking so many, Terry!


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