Thursday, September 30, 2010

Artist J.D. McGuire at Flux and Artist Trifecta Gallery

Welcome to J.D. McGuire. He's down from New York as a Flux artist. In the meantime he's doing a one week one-man show at Artist Trifecta Gallery.

The Artist Trifecta Gallery reception was last night. It was the scene for Blayne Beacham's first big show. There was a quiet excitement about Flux this Friday, the oddest art event in Atlanta's oddest neighborhood. How big, how fun, how odd? Who knows, but the Architecture Tourists will be there.

Here is Artist Trifecta grand commandress Amanda Brown with J.D. His work: strange collages, spooky, witty, not too serious, requires a lot of looking to take in.

Artist Trifecta is a cool space in a a cool building in a cool neighborhood.


Some silliness was involved but we shouldn't blame Nora Wiley, owner of Wine Shoe who provided refreshments. She was just doing her job.

I really, really like J.D.'s sculptures out of corrugated cardboard. Here is "One Quarter Self Portrait."

"The Hat Makes The Man or The Man Makes The Hat"


See you at Flux, OK? J.D. will be projecting in the Courtyard of Castleberry Point Lofts. Say hello. Take advantage of Wine Shoe while you are there.


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