Sunday, September 5, 2010

Torn Down: Philip Shutze's remodeled Dwoskin office on Peachtree

It's gone. Here is an earlier post about it about the building. Shutze did the remodel in 1939.

Saturday, September4, 2010. The demolition guy told me that they were going to leave the lot vacant for now. It was structurally unsafe. It had been abandoned for years. I'm sure it was full of urban campers.

You can see the huge Biltmore with towers.

This was the least intimidating Shutze building, modest, comfortable for pedestrians, quirky, dignified, humane.

Did that ever feel good!


Couple of short videos.


  1. It's a shame those transoms werent's salvaged at the least. What a would have been so easy to have removed a few of those elements prior to demolition.

  2. I just passed it yesterday and was really surprised to see it torn down. Redeveloped -- sure that would be great, but torn down? Whoa!

  3. Sad. We live in such a disposable society. Too bad someone with vision couldn't have come forward to remodel the old building. Also, it's a shame they couldn't salvage the windows and fenestration. Wonder what will replace it? I'm sure you'll keep us posted!

  4. The demo guy said he hoped to salvage some of the basket handle arch transoms. There was really no long term hope for this building. Nothing special at all inside. The driveway could barely manage a car. Next door was one of those wonderful 3-4 story Victorian era apartments (firetraps) that once filled up mid-town. The plan was and may still be to assemble the apartment lot and the Dwoskin lot. When the economy turns, I hope we'll see something good there.

  5. Always sad to see these older buildings go. And as Doug said, it is a shame they didn't save any of the salvageable windows and transoms. It should be interesting to see what they out there at some point.

  6. I never saw this one in real life. I am surprised some historical society did not make sure to save some of the elements worth saving - namely the transoms.

  7. Transoms should have been saved at least...!

  8. Just rode past the pile of rubble. I wasn't sure where this was on Peachtree, but I know now...

    I saw info related to the demolition on the Skyscrape Page forums. Here are a couple links for you:

  9. Thank you James.

    From Atlanta Preservation Center from the 2001 "Most Endangered Historic Places"

    "Dwoskins Building (1910), 757-763 Peachtree St. – Sold by Center for the Visually Impaired to St. Mark Methodist Church and Lutheran Church of the Redeemer; slated to be torn down for an office tower."

  10. Wow! I hope you'll keep us posted on what goes up in it's place. It sure was a charming building, love those arches! Have you been to Savannah? Amidst all the old historical buildings now stands the Jepson Center for the Arts (which is amazing). A very modern structure, in stark contrast with it's surroundings...

  11. Haven't been to Savannah in a very long time. The Jepson Center looks fantastic. There aren't many pictures showing it in context but it seems to "fit" with the other buildings on the square.

  12. Wow - sure hope something positive goes up soon!


  13. My bet is for surface parking. It'll be a llllooonnnngggg while before midtown/downtown needs more offices or condos.


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