Monday, September 13, 2010

Terminus 100 - Skyscraper or Space Communication Device?

At AT-HQ we are ever vigilant: Space alien communication devices may be disguised as skyscrapers or monoliths or cellphone trees. I mean, most people thought "2001 A Space Odyssey" was just a movie. Just a Movie!?!?

Star Trek Episode 58, "The Paradise Syndrome" proved we'd need a comet deflection ray. Some younger folks "got it" after Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Saturn or seeing "The 5th Element." But most didn't, they only saw "Deep Impact" and "Armageddon."

Fortunately, highly trained scientists from the Architecture Tourist Southern Campus were at their station on September 7. They were investigating architecture anomalies (see Note 1 below) on the eastern fringes of the Buford Triangle (I-85, Buford Highway, North Druid Hills) .

As our research vehicle headed north on Druid Hills at Buford Highway, we noticed a suspicious aura emanating from Terminus 100.
P1030871-2010-09-07-100 Terminus Death-Ray?
For us "South of Buckhead" folks (get it, get it?), Terminus 100 is the big white shiny skyscraper that anchors the left side of the Buckhead Loop. You know, it's the one that's kind of square on the bottom with a funky pyramid, sharp edged wedgie thing on top.

Layman were too busy texting at the red light to notice. But our scientists took readings and headed back to the lab to do some analysis. This is what we found:

We've been permitted to release a few of our Doppler analysis charts. These confirm events happening at nearly the speed of light. But that's all I'm can say right now.
Some will say this is just sunlight reflecting into Atlanta's morning haze. But at AT-HQ we don't take chances on this sort of thing.

We've briefed our field agents and they are on the lookout for further activity, disguised to prevent panic.

Our Architecture Tourist astrophysics department experts went incognito at Dragon Con.

(1) Ever seen the Greek / Classic Revival Attorneys Offices behind the Chaparral Night Club? Didn't think so.

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