Monday, August 30, 2010

35 Galleries in 12 hours Part 6 of 6: Decatur & Inman Park

This was the Atlanta Gallery Association Art Sun-up to Sundown – Citywide Art Walk Saturday, August 21, 2010 10 am – 10 pm. So far:
I was ahead of schedule and in the gallery groove but I was a little tired. Time to bring it home, Decatur and Inman Park.

Rose Squared Gallery and Framing was closed at 7:17p when I took this picture.

The 3 gallerias "On the Square" in Decatur were busy.

Worthmore Jewelers had the space, customers, and the interest so they became a gallery too. Here are "wearer of many hats"-Joan Wasser, Owner-Harris Botnick, and art director-Ashlei Thomas.

Inside art on top, jewelry on the bottom with people all over.

Now you know: Wild Oats and Billy Goats is a folk art gallery in Decatur, so there.

The whole universe is inside.

If you recognize this dog ...

The Seen Gallery is on Church Street. As tired as I was, the gallery staff had also been on their feet for more than 10 hours on a "wawm" day. I salute them. Here are co-owners Bill Bibb and Amy Bradford who still had plenty of charm and good humor to encourage the now wilting Architecture Tourist, and a singing bird to boot.

This is clay artist, Michael Klapthor with his witty "Shy Fox." My picture doesn't do it justice.

Sycamore Place Gallery & Studios was party central on Sycamore Place. It was a batch of artist nooks with a big back room and patio.

On the right is the Sycamore Place impresario Sylvia McCorkle. She charms in 10 seconds. Visit for an irresistible dose of life energy.

This is an artist party space. The band and lady bodybuilders - really - had not even arrived.

Now for a jag out to Avondale Estates and wonderful MudFire Clayworks & Gallery. Here are wife/husband co-owners Luba Sharapan and Erik Haagensen holding Luba's mugs. They were shutting down after 11 hours.

I'd done 34 open galleries and 3 closed galleries. I had one hour to visit one more. Per my plan: I wanted to hit whitespace in Inman Park about dusk.

Susan Bridges, whitespace and Inman Park prime mover, was closing down too. When I told her about the other gallery dogs, well ...

it was 9:30 and I had done it.

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  1. thoroughly enjoying your gallery tour...thanks for the introduction to the Atlanta art scene!


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