Thursday, September 16, 2010

Atlanta hosts 3 world class bloggers - Wed 9-15 and Fri 9-17

The Architecture Tourists will be there. Hope to see you.

WEDNESDAY, Sept 15, 6pm, Reinsch-Pierce Family Auditorium, Georgia Tech. Click here for Details

Geoff Manaugh, BLDGBLOG, and Nicola Twilley, Edible Geography
School of Architecture Lecture Series

Geoff Manaugh is the author of BLDGBLOG and The BLDGBLOG Book, a former senior editor of Dwell magazine, and contributing editor at Wired UK. In addition to lecturing on a broad range of architectural topics at design schools and museums around the world, from Turin to Melbourne, he has taught design studios at Columbia University, the Pratt Institute, and the University of Technology, Sydney.

Nicola Twilley is author of the blog Edible Geography and a freelance writer with work published in GOOD, Dwell, Wired UK, Volume, and more. She is also co-director, with Geoff Manaugh, of Future Plural; co-founder, with Sarah Rich, of the Foodprint Project; and co-curator of Landscapes of Quarantine, a group exhibition at New York’s Storefront for Art and Architecture during March and April 2010.

Having a bit of fun before the show.

and ...

Friday 10-17-10, 7p-10 Hagedorn Foundation Gallery. Click here for details.

Scott Schuman The Sartorialist

Selected by TIME Magazine as one of the world's Top Design Influencers, The Sartorialist is fast becoming known as one of the internet's pioneer photographers for his blog of street photographs of stylish people. Traveling through both the world's fashion capitals and further afield, The Sartorialist brings an original and contemporary twist to the photographic tradition of August Sander.

Picture from Don Cooper reception at Sandler Hudson Gallery 2010-09-10


  1. Hoping you will fill in - have company until tomorrow and covered up in work!!!
    Thanks for the eyes and ears for so many.

  2. My boyfriend will be in the house on Friday to hopefully meet the Sartorialist! I'm going to be out of town, or else I'd be right there too! ;)

  3. Wow - the Sartorialist - he is a big time celebrity in the fashion and blog world! Have fun, looking forward to the full report.

  4. Can you imagine how folks will dress the meet the Sartorialist? Should be a photographers dream night.

    P.S. Geoff and Nicola packed the COA auditorium tonight. They aim their brains at places I'd never imagined and they enjoy it so much. More on that later.

  5. Oh, would love to hear from The Sartorialist....thanks for lettting me have a virtual social life through you.

  6. Hi Terry! Love your blog! I'm ashamed I haven't been here before. We've also properly added you to our blog roll (thanks so much for having us on yours).
    Hope to meet you in person tomorrow for The Sart ;)

  7. Mr. Sart and I will certainly want our pictures taken with the A-C's.


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