Sunday, February 1, 2009

Art Strolls at Castleberry Hill and Studioplex, Jan. 2008

Art strolls are perfect architecture tourists: They are free. We see a variety of art, artists, and galleries We usually stroll in architecturally interesting buildings and neighborhoods. And - although your blog host hasn't a cool bone in is body - there is a brief sense of the coolness of art discovery. (Not all is perfect with the PR part of Art Strolls, see my notes about the Telephone Factory Art Stroll.)

So when Dawn Sanders-Meyers invited me to the revival of Second Wednesday Art Stroll at Studioplex in the Old Fourth Ward, Katherine and I jumped. Not too much art yet but the stroll was easy, great parking. The Studioplex loft conversion is much more impressive than I'd expected.

Meg Aubry at Gallery Stokes in Castleberry Hill:

The Castleberry Hill 4th Friday ArtStroll is well established but going down there on a dark Friday night in January can be a shock. There is no other place in Atlanta that feels less like Atlanta. I'd suggest you do your first stroll with someone who has been there before. Knowing where the action is make the tour more fun and less scary.

Ernesto Bertani at Besharat Gallery, Castleberry Hill

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