Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Atlanta gables: 1908 and 2008, high style Georgian revival

I do like gable ends. Here is the Peachtree Place facade of the Phelan Court apartments by Hentz, Reid and Adler in 1908. It's next door neighbor is the spectacular Palmer House.

Here is Lullwater Park in Druid Hills by Harrison Design Associates in 2008. (Sorry that my picture shows it in the morning shade). It reflects modern economics for townhomes in the neighborhood. The "keyhole" peaks into the rooftop deck.

Never driven Peachtree Place to see the Phelan and Palmer apartments? Certainly you've seen the Phelan from Peachtree. It's next to "The Dump," the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum.

The rest of Lullwater Park is stately and well detailed but modest. The 3-story gable is the eye-catching highlight.

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  1. This came up in your linked within, what a great post. I love seeing the different looks of the townhouses through time and different architectural periods.


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