Saturday, February 7, 2009

3 impressive entries, 2 Neel Reid's and one Italianate

I'm stuck on entrances, where Architects can use all their tricks, where over scaled can mean perfectly scaled. Here are 3 in upscale Atlanta neighborhoods. Other than the door the common element is a touch of wrought iron.

This one is very serious:

This one is serious too. The entrance is like a small chapel. I'd head toward the pair of charming mini-porticoes.

This Italianate is in Buckhead, north of West Wesley. I can imagine a big family gathering here. The alternating large and small stones surrounding the door is called a "Gibbs surround."

This is the Henry B. Tompkins House by Neel Reid. I'd dress up before I knocked on this door.

A Neel Reid house in Ansley Park. I don't think it has a name. It's formal but approachable, I think. The through-the-eave dormers has become a Harrison Design Associates hallmark. Very modest square column and urn.


  1. I do like that formal Neel Reid; I hope someone buys it and does a nice renovation.

  2. Terry, the Ansley house is one of my long-time favorites. Thanks for highlighting the distinctive entry.


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