Sunday, February 8, 2009

We visit the 2009 Rail Arts District Studio Cruise, Avondale Estates

Today (March 6, 2000) I'm participating in Fifi Flowers Fashionable Friday. Fifi is quite an artist and since art is always fashionable yet always timeless we do gallery cruises, strolls and walks. Be sure to see the slide show and make it full screen.

Last night two of your hosts visited the annual art cruise in Avondale Estates Georgia. Cruise? Well, we needed to drive a little as you can see from the map. We had the best time. The artists were friendly. The cruisers were friendly. What a great way to spend a Saturday evening.

You can find our Flickr slide of the 2009 RAD Studio Cruise right here.

There were a bunch of people taking advantage of a warm Georgia February evening.

The cow jumping over the moon and the dog jumping over the moon:


Several Mudfire artists we demonstrated : birds, turtles, trays, and urns.

Dreamy watercolors

We have just one small request to the organizers. We'd like a web page that lists every artist, every gallery, and every email on the tour.

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  1. How lovely visiting galleries... Love art! Thanks for taking us on tour and being part of my Fashionable Friday!


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