Thursday, February 5, 2009

Small home front yard landscaping

I have many more 1920's apartments to show you but I'm probably losing you. Here are some better than average front yards around town. You might also enjoy "3 great front yards in Atlanta"

Here is an eye-catcher in Peachtree Hills. I love the fence, one of many details to catch the eye.

Here is a decorative fence and gate. It's not a working fence or a working gate but they sure add depth and charm to this corner house in Brookhaven.

This modern home in Morningside is nearly perfect. Click to see it bigger. I love the grass in the first set of stairs. The tree is pruned for sculptural effect and scale.

A very tiny yard in midtown is breathtaking even in winter.

Give me gravel and green

A modern house in Loring Heights

Color on the curb in Morningside


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