Thursday, June 9, 2011

Winners of the MA11 Awesome! Architect Studio Crawl

Our team of trained Architecture Tourist Crawl judges were on the job for you last night. After all, this is our specialty: touring cool places, meeting cool people, and consuming free food and drink. It's why we get the big money.

But in spite of all the excellence, the talent, the great personalities, and good looks we regret one negative award. It breaks our heart but we must. Please shield the children from the end of this post.

Awesome Crawl Food Award: Bacon Wrapped Chicken at Cablik Enterprises.

It was close but Cablik Enterprises' view of the tracks put them over the top. Bacon - Chicken - Trains, no contest.

Who is Cablik Enterprises? They did the construction on the La France Residence and the Cablik Residence. You can see them both on the tour this weekend.

When not on job sites they hang at the edge of Inman Park and the Old 4th Ward right on the Atlanta BeltLine.

2 words: rooftop deck.

White House officials must have leaked the story of the bacon wraps: Modern Atlanta grandee Bernard McCoy (left) was there. On the right: Matt Dahlhauser, vice president at Cablik Enterprises.

Awesome Crawl Commute to Job Sites Award: Lightroom Design.

Operating from this mild mannered house across the street from Decatur High School they've done 3 jobs on their own street, 4 within an easy bicycle commute. Lightroom designed the Chapman-Palmer Residence on the tour.

Anton, Rob, Chase, Kelly, Ken, Stefan. Southern Poly, Clemson, Georgia Tech. Anton doesn't work FOR Lightroom; he works WITH Lightroom.
It's a shame we don't do the handsome staff awards in odd years.

Models? Lightroom's got models. I'm not sure you can tell but one of Lightroom's specialties in honoring historic preservation requirements, especially in Decatur. I blogged about their job extending a National "I" house in Decatur's MAK neighborhood across the street from Agnes Scott. It's a favorite.

Behind Lightroom's modest studio is a flexible modern building that they can occupy or use for income.

2 words: rooftop deck.

Awesome Under Construction Award: TaC Studios

Left: Cara Cummins, Middle: Jose Tavel (the "T" and the "C "of "TaC"). That's Chip Cheatham on the right. TaC designed Allen Road Residence on the tour.

TaC's new home/office has a name and a blog: LEED 4 Ward.

2 words: Rooftop deck (overlooking the Beltline). It's just past the yellow tape.

There is a gargantuan skylight over the big shower. It will feel outdoors.

The feeling was casual and waw'm. Insiders will recognize the uncanny Tavel/Tavel alignment. Chris (Loose Nuts Bicycles) on the left, Jose on the right.

TaC used green ventilation and cool beverages exclusively.

Awesome Crawler Double Award: dencity design

dencity designed the Lavorgna Residence on the tour

dencity Principals Bryan Russell and Staffan Svenson didn't know I had a wide-angle camera. Maybe they were doing a live massing model dance.

1: Awesome Studio Crawler Relations Award: dencity design

There was a postcard and picture station. Guest crawlers could write dencity postcards, they even provided stamps and a mailbox. And there was instant camera. So...

...crawlers could recognize the hosts and the hosts could remember the guests.

Award 2: Awesome Use of Children in a Studio Crawl Award: dencity design

Architecture Tourist Crawl judges award their highest points for family friendliness: dencity Studio welcomed multiple kids happily running amok with light supervision.

3 words: awesome graffiti mural.

Awesome Crawl Honorable Mention Awards. Houser Walker Architecture and Southface Eco Office

We didn't have time.

-->Ask young children to leave the room now.<--

Un-awesome Award for Making Capitalization Choices Difficult for Crawl Bloggers: Names withheld.

There, we've said it. It's hard enough to write a complete sentence. This is piling on.

You need to check the MA11 schedule.

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