Friday, June 24, 2011

9th Street Teardown - Inevitable Heartbreak

It's gone. It didn't have a chance. I'm not over it.

It's been abandoned and for sale for years. It's on 9th, one of Atlanta's great streets, at an elevation that will give it views of Piedmont Park.

See the roof in the background? That's The Children's School.

Do I need to explain: a side-facing house with a side garden. It reminds of Charleston don't you think? I love the end-on gables look.

P1071635-Midtown-Sideways-Yello-Diagonal-Picket 9th street teardown
Two porches.

The brick and metal fence belong to the house next door. The white pickets surround the teardown. The house was too small, too beat-up to survive in midtown, even in this "bust."

P1071637-Midtown-Sideways-Yellow-Diagonal Driveway 9th street teardown
A grassy driveway four blocks from Peachtree Street?

P1071639-Midtown-Sideways-Yellow -Front-Fence 9th street teardown
The is the 9th street facade.

I hope it's good. Two words: rooftop deck.


What's so great about 9th Street? It's got everything: one block from Piedmont Park, apartments and near-mansions, housing for students and millionaires.

Nobody would plan or build 9th Street today.

It can take both of these:



The brick building to the left is a modest double shotgun apartment with a dumpster in the front.


  1. The old house had a really interesting orientation to the street. Can't wait to see what gets built there, especially if the new home at Argonne down the block is any indication.
    The home with the porch you included has always fascinated me. You'd never guess that the rest of it is so contemporary.

  2. Yes Johnathan, 306 Ninth Street has been for rent before and it's extraordinary inside, plus all those other units in the building. The front yard/porch is one of my absolute faves.

    That's another thing about Midtown and 9th street: there is much more than meets the eye.

  3. The old house had a lot of charm. But if the new one is better . . . It is just that track records are not always so good, no?

  4. I love the old house!!! Hope the new one is decent.

  5. I expect the new one to be great but I doubt it will have the side yard.

  6. It's sad, I feel your pain. I don't understand the desire to teardown so many beautiful and well built houses just to build something else in it's place.
    Whatever happened to restoration.

  7. It's more run down than it appears in the pictures, still a very charming property on a fine street.


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