Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Monument on Metropolitan Parkway

I can't think of a single reason you'd drive this way for fun, unless you are an Architecture Tourist or think the Interstates are the most boring roads on earth.

The Capital View Masonic Lodge (1921) has new missions now.

And I doubt these are the original windows.

But on this road, in this part of the city, it's like an ancient lost temple. The former Capitol View Baptist Church, now abandoned, provides a nice balance. When you see these, you know you are at Dill Street.

Metropolitan Parkway is Highway 19/41 from Whitehall Street downtown to Hapeville. It's a dreary stretch road made drearier by the economy, a highway from Lake Superior through Chicago to Miami. Atlantan's know it as Cobb Parkway, Northside Drive, Dogwood Drive, Old Dixie Highway, Tara Boulevard.

Metropolitan Parkway was renamed to improve it's reputation after a sordid murder. It used to be Stewart Avenue and I wish it still was.

Imagine the confidence that produced this building and inspired by it. It's grand statement for the the Capital View Neighborhood begun in 1912.

The Capital View Manor Neighborhood east of Metropolitan was built out a bit later by the same developer who did Virginia Highlands and Morningside. There is a a strong resemblance.

There is a sewing machine shop.


There is a barber shop.

There is a union hall.


This building would look great anywhere in town.

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There is more to see in Metropolitan Parkway including the beautiful Evangeline Booth College.


  1. So pretty! I like the yellow and red brick together.

  2. As always, you have a great eye. I noticed this building a few years ago when I dated a girl who lived over in Capitol View. Love the building. the brick always reminded me of the Auburn Ave lodge.

  3. Lot's of great lodges in town, even Smith's Old Bar. The Grant Park lodge is one of my favorites.

  4. Such a beautiful building. Why is it red brick on one side? Was another building attached at one time?

    It was nice to see you at the Room Service event last week.


  5. Happy to come across this although it's been seven years since you posted it. My dad grew up on Manford Drive in a house his dad built in 1930 and his first job was as a soda jerk in that building; it was a drug store then. My husband and I were married at Capitol View Baptist. Sad that it's been demolished but the pictures of the new library there with the church's columns seem to be an improvement.


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