Wednesday, June 15, 2011

4-sights from the 9th

I have brain lock. I'm trying to do a post about the Modern Atlanta 2011 fashion show fund raiser. So far it's more than my little brain can handle.

So here are a few sights from the 9th floor of 2 Peachtree Pointe. Architecture tourists will recognize everything but perhaps not from this angle.

Millions saw the front and inside of "The Temple" in "Driving Miss Daisey" but few have seen the cupola from up here.

The Temple is way bigger than it appears from Peachtree.

The roof of Rhodes Hall is quite a sight from here. You can see one of the skylights.

Peachtree Christian Church is a landmark but did you know about all those magnolias? The steeplejack in the blue shirt went right over the side after I took this pictures. I didn't feel so hot after after watching that.

The lobby of WSB. Which was first, this or the Louvre? Have you been inside?

I didn't like this so much until I saw it from eye-level. Now, I have a crush. It wasn't always a Chick-fil-A sign.

That's four sights. If you've been kind enough to read this far, you get a bonus: my #1 favorite sight from the 9th floor.

Our first-born and my escort to the fashion show surveys her realm.


  1. Excellent photos, Terry! I love all the angles Atlanta has to offer...there's ALWAYS another perspective.

  2. I've got my eyes on that garden on the fourth picture. That was a good garden design strategy right there. Although it's the typical choice to make a cross-shape pattern in a Church's garden, this one looked really good from the bird's eye view. You've taken wonderful photos, Terry!

  3. Gorgeous photos, Terry! I'm definitely going to stopping by your blog constantly when I move away so I can have a wonderful view of the ATL from Edinburgh!


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