Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Modern Atlanta 11 Kicks off with VIP's

Of course I don't need to explain Modern Atlanta to you. But you may have some inexperienced friends. It's June 4-11, 2011.

MA11 is a jam packed week of design and architecture culminating in a home tour: Houses, art, exhibitions, lectures, fashion shows. It's at Peachtree Pointe, the High Museum, Octane, and all over Atlanta, Some of it is free, like the architect studio crawl on Wednesday June 8. The home tour and fashion show cost a bit but are a very good value.

Go to the MA11 Webpage and find out what, when, and where. It's going to hurt my feelings if you see me and don't say hello. My schedule is at the bottom.

Somehow I got invited to the VIP reception on Monday June 6. I'm afraid I got there late. First thing I know Nathan Gold introduced me to architect Stan Sang Hwa Lee.

Sang Hwa Lee (left) with partner Jeeyong An from Manifesto Architecture designed the Korean Pavilion in Peachtree Point. It's open to the public.

Left to right: Sang Hwa Lee, Jeeyong An, Michelle Rhee, anyone know the man on the right?

P1110544-2011-06-06-MA11-VIP-Korean-Pavilion-by-Manifesto-Architecture-Stan-Sang-Hwa-Lee--Jeeyong An
Here is part of the Korean exhibit, a very nice place to wander through. These are a bit taller than me.

Two architects and a design blogger: Architect Taejun Park from CDHPartners, architect Jeffrey Baker from Jeffery Bruce Baker Designs, and design blogger and account executive Jordan Barkin with Kleber & Associates.

This is Bernard McCoy (at left being interviewed) who with Elayne Elayne DeLeo founded and manage Modern Atlanta. Introduce yourself. The lady is not Elayne who was a bit camera shy on Monday.

The Peachtree Pointe Buildings are a star too. It's on Peachtree between WSB, the Rhodes Mansion and Peachtree Christian Church. It the home of the Bill Lowe Gallery.

The Korean Pavilion is on the "Pointe" and it's like you are standing smack on Peachtree. It's a heck of a view.

The grand opening on Tuesday and the fashion show on Friday are on the 9th floor of Two Peachtree Pointe. They've got the whole floor with 360 degree views!

It's spectacular. Above: Georgia Tech architecture student Jessica Steele, photographs Georgia Tech architecture professors Gernot Riether, and Jude LeBlanc setting up last Friday.

Classical fans will enjoy a birds-eye view of The Temple.

My proposed schedule:
We'll be seeing you.

Oh, Last year's Modern Atlanta was my introduction to fashion shows. My #1 daughter joined me for big fun.

Watching the spectators is as much fun as watching the model.


  1. Looks like I need to make another trip to Atlanta!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. me too...off to atlanta :-) wonderful post!

  3. Thanks Terry - I'm one of the 'inexperienced friends' who needs this info. I like the free architect studio crawl.


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