Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Hop ended at Mint Gallery and celebrated the 3rd Form

Before I get started, this is about Form, the 3rd annual book featuring independent Atlanta Artists. It includes Hudgens Prize winner Gyun Hur among others. I think Atlanta Art fans should own the book. You can get it in several formats on Amazon.

Mint Gallery just moved from the Cotton Docks to next door to the Cotton Docks on Sampson Street in the Old 4th Ward, halfway between Studioplex and Jacks pizza. It was my first time at Mint.

It's "young," energeticm and active in promoting art and music and art and music together.

You can't miss Mint on the Internet. Mint Gallery blogs. Mint Gallery is on Facebook Myspace and Flickr.

It was a special occasion: The launch of the 2010 Form. "FORM is Williams England Design’s annual published collection of works from artists throughout the Atlanta area." Tonight featured the art and artists from this year's book.

Most of these folks are Form artists. Didn't get their names.


I loved the purple sky.

Marcus Williams of We Design Atlanta told me everything.

We got to vote for the cover of the special edition. I won't reveal my vote.

The new Mint space has a kitchen area so naturally it was packed.

These ladies sold the book. It's 80 pages in color.

Mint proprietors Mike German and Erica Jamison held court. You can see them on Youtube.

My one minute video is a little tour of the gallery and the Form art.

Mint had just completed it's 5th Postcard Pun-up show. This beauty is the size of a post card.

And looked great as a Triptych, "How We Fell In Love" by Emily Maxwell.

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