Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Peninsula Meets Pie - Design Meets Dessert

One room where everybody wants to do everything. Pattern 139. FARMHOUSE KITCHEN. ancient kind of kitchen where the cooking and the eating and the living are all in a single place...a circumstance where the people who are cooking are in touch with the rest of the family, while they are working...
Merry Christmas. We had 6 house guests joining our 5 for comfortable family mayhem, eleven folks did most everything in our big room, consuming vast quantities in the process.

Cristin directed the deep dish apple pie making from our kitchen peninsula. It was a group activity performed "in the round" with witty remarks flying everwhere. We had sweet apples and tart apples a'pealing. Katherine works the tart ones.

The pie team featured 3 more of our all-stars, Rachel, Cristin at the sink, Linda.

Guests came over to see the show. You couldn't come to our place without meeting the people and the pie.

The pie crust may have set a world record for homemade goodness. The Weather Channel reported our prospects for a white Christmas.

For her efforts Cristin was named the first Lifetime Pie-Goddess by the directors of the Architecture Tourist Culinary Committee. Matt was behind her 110%.

Oops, I almost forgot another pattern: 199. SUNNY COUNTER.

Special thanks to Bill.

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  1. What a perfect post. I felt like I was in there!

    Oh, and I saw your other post--you know I did my student teaching at Inman--a great school.

    Happy New Year, Terry!


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