Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Frosty, Frozen, Falls today at the Woodruff Park Fountain

Brr. It was grim and gray this afternoon in downtown Atlanta. The Woodruff Park waterfall was about half ice and half water, one of it's good looks.

I made a dash for the mezzanine at the Equitable Building. It's one of my favorite places in downtown Atlanta.

The column is from the "old" Equitable Building 1892-1971. Here is a bit more from about the Equitable Building Columns from "Public Art Around the World."

Looking north from the mezzanine, between the Rhodes Haverty Building on the left and the Candler Building on the right I can see the huge Georgia Pacific Wreath.

The water is running. You can can hear the falls in my shivering video.


  1. Great photographs! Love the Holiday magic!!!

  2. Thanks for the video - I could listen to that water all day. :)


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