Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oragami by Nate Moore at Emily Amy

My last gallery hop for 2010 started with Nate Moore's reception at Emily Amy Gallery. I love how the Emily Amy Gallery space lets me see things from many perspectives.

I had no idea. When the shapes are the same, it frees the eye to see other things. You should go. Emily Amy is on the Westside, across the street from Octane and Sandler Hudson Gallery.

There is one wall of wood shapes, the rest are paper.

Nate, an occasional Atlantan, is now based in Little Rock. He paints and he does these.

Lot's of ways to put them together.

Nate told me he starts with a sheet "about normal sized." Folks said he could do the folds in about a minute.

Some flew solo. What did the original paper look like?

Each one of these deserved a close look.

There was a box full ...

... launching them toward the ceiling.

I love the pastels.

This 49 second video shows how beautiful some of the papers are. Can you see the different shade of blue in the last 3 columns?


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  1. Nate Moore is my cousin:) I have one of his original pieces, so cool. Neat blog, by the way.


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