Sunday, June 27, 2010

New contender for Atlanta's pretiest parking deck

I hereby nominate it for Atlanta's prettiest parking deck. It succeeds our po-mo Parthenon parking pad downtown.

Beth Fore (left) of Cablik Enterprises gave our Atlanta blogger lunch bunch a tour of their offices in the Brasfield Overlook building at Glenwood Park. Little did I know that this classy but modest office building enclosed a parking deck. I'd be proud to work or live in a building like this.

Brick pilasters, cornices, classic detailing.

From Brasfield Square you can see the rusticated ground floor base of the pilasters. There is an inviting covered entrance on the corner. To the right is the garage door, pretty enough to face the little park. Well, I entered that door without knowing about the parking.

Can you find the garage door in this picture.

We entered the door and walked down a corridor towards some art, we turned right toward the elevators and found cars in a glass case.
Glenwood Park has street parking, alley parking, garage parking and surface lot parking. But you just don't notice. Clever. Domineck said that the surface lots can be decked as Glenwood grows.

Here is the view west from front door of Brassfield Overlook: The dome of the Old Roosevelt High School (1924 by Edwards & Sayward). It was one of the first school conversions to housing. It's on a ridge, "hard to get to from here" but a zen view from many places east of downtown Atlanta. It overlooks the much newer Maynard Holbrook Jackson High School.
P1020728-2010-06-25-Glenwood-Park-Brasfield-Building-View- Roosevelt-HS-Dome-1924-Edwards-Sayward
Edwards and Seyward also designed the Decatur Courthouse. Buttrick Hall, "Main," and the McCain Library at Agnes Scott College, the Piedmont Park bath house, and the Lakewood Exhibition Buildings.

The former Atlanta champion pretty parking deck is on Ellis street behind the Ritz-Carlton and the One-Ninety-One Peachtree Building. It's our po-mo Parthenon parking pad. I don't think pretty is the word, maybe high style.



  1. Well done parking deck! Goes to show, you can do anything well if you try....

  2. such a joy to see and such a far cry from the parking garages (West Coast talk)that started popping up in the 60's/70's. Brasfield Sq. is such a charming neighborhood. I want to pull up that bistro chair & sit and take it all in.

    Have a lazy, summers Sunday Terry ~

  3. If more parking decks looked like this one nobody would ever protest having them built. I've seen and admired this building many times but never knew what it was, thanks for opening my eyes.

  4. Lori, it's an office building that encloses a parking deck.

  5. I know! I didn't even notice it was there. :) Kudos again to GP!

  6. I second the nomination. And I just have to say again how charming that square is. It's a true gem!


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