Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From the roof at Glenwood Park

Domenick Treschitta said that units with rooftop decks sold in a hurry.

At our May blogger lunch, Capella Kincheloe from A Curated Lifestyle talked about the geography shock of moving from the west coast to Atlanta. Out there you can see for miles often to mountain ranges tens of miles away. Atlanta's trees, hills, and curves make it seem like a lush park. Can't see the views for the trees. We do have have a few views.



It's nice if you can have the roof top view while staying out of the weather. This is the rooftop of the Historical Concepts Glenwood Office.

A city view from your master bedroom.

Nice if your overlook includes interesting houses, a park, a lake, and downtown too.

Call me for the next sunset watch and for the 4th of July.


  1. I love a bird's eye view.
    I love Atlanta.
    I love Architectural Tourist posts.

  2. Terry, I've never been here but am going to check it out this weekend. I'd heard of Glenwood Park but it had never crossed my path, as it were. I love this new development. The decks look pretty spacious but what are the interiors like? I remember a few years back before we moved where we live now looking at a new subdivision (not this one, I hasten to add) and realizing that in the largest of the units we could not have been able to place the then smallest of our sofas and one of the armchairs in the so-called living room.


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