Thursday, June 10, 2010

True comments on 11 modern Atlanta homes

I volunteered to help Modern Atlanta 10 and got back much more than I gave. The tour featured 14 houses. Here are my thumbnail memories of the 11 I was able to tour. The Painted House has many pictures here and here.

The exterior is abstract expressionist. The interior is warm with surprise pastel walls. The tall screened porch to the right is uncannily cozy and comfortable.

The curved stair in space is the most memorable thing on the tour for me. I think it was the most humanizing feature I saw. Folks driving by can enjoy it too.

A difficult house in every way; it fights the odds, innovation in every square foot. Out these windows to the "diving board" is the most extraordinary space experience on the tour.

This one is overloaded with startling, even humorous architectural vignettes. Funky steps slice through the hall with a huge door behind.

Living is a glass house can feel comfortable and what views. The bathroom/laundry bump-out creates 3 delightful service rooms. Corner windows...

A rancher with the warmest wood. A cabin in a hidden Atlanta neighborhood.

The biggest house demonstrated that well designed big spaces can make humans feel good. I stood at the corner of this room for hours. I felt better and better. I like the "old fashioned" light floors. Dark floors are the style these days.

Old house, sleek interiors, bodacious decor, smiles and human scaled comfort in every direction.

The diva house out glamored the people and the over the top furnishings. The red glass chandelier did catch the eye.

The outside didn't hint at the wide open spaces inside. A gallery house.

My favorite space on the tour was a tiny dining porch amidst truly huge spaces in this house. Of course my daughters make any house look great.

Looking forward to next year. You too?


  1. Great photos. All the textures and light. Very nice. How do these houses fit in amongst their neighbors? Do they work in terms of scale? I've always liked modern architecture, but haven't seen many examples of modern houses looking good in traditional neighborhoods.

  2. Thank you for the link!

    I'm happy to see photos of the houses I missed. Thanks! :)

    And, did you really have to ask? OF COURSE I'm looking forward to next year! Ha! :)

  3. I really liked all of the chandeliers! I also liked the front yard that had all of the rocks in it.


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