Wednesday, June 2, 2010

People from Modern Atlanta 10 Kickoff

Modern Atlanta 10 icon: Periscope is a 50 ft tall tower of foam layers and steel cables on Howell Mill fronting White Provision. It's the winner of the 10Up Competition by Brandon Clifford & Wes Mcgee, founders of Matter Design Studio, former Tech students now in NYC.

That's what greeted folks at the Modern Atlanta 10 Kickoff partly last night.

Here is MA founder Bernard McCoy at the party; he's the tall one.

Here is Modern Atlanta co-founder Elayne DeLeo. She was getting the job done, welcoming hundreds, and answering questions. I think she was also juggling indian clubs with her left hand. Elayne graciously stopped for a second for a picture.

Nicola Vidali designed the kickoff party. He stayed a blur all night. He's gesturing to councilman Kwanza Hall.

On the right is Robert Soens, builder of the RainShine House in Decatur and others.

This is architect Johnna Barrett whose Spring Creek house in on the tour.

The cool boots were there.

If you were there, click here to make the picture much bigger. Maybe you are in it.

More on MA 10 later.


  1. So fun! I hope to stop by some of the events :)

  2. Man, Terry! I wish I were there. This is an impressive happening in Atlanta, I truly believe that. Lots to be proud of in this crowd. See you this weekend on the tour!


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