Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet some of Atlanta's modern archtiects

We met a bunch of Atlanta's modern architects at Modern Atlanta 10. If you read to the bottom, you'll find the horse lamp. This is an LED chandelier:

In the order of my picture taking.

This is Johnna Barrett of Barrett Design International, LLC. She designed "Spring Creek" which was on the tour.

We met Peter S.K. Yeung, A.I.A at the Eames Demetrios event. He was a fan (and architecture tourist) just like us.

Here are husband wife architects, Jose Tavel and Cara Cummins of Tac Studios. They designed the tour's Harris/Carroll residence shown in the picture. In the small world category: they live and work next door to my son.
P1020444-2010-06-05-Modern-Atlanta-10-Ashley-JOSE-TAVEL-and-CARA -CUMMINS-TaC-studios

We met architect John Bencich of Square Feet Studios (center) whose "Bencich Residence" was on the tour. On the right is builder Robert Soens of Pinnacle Custom Builders (right). Robert has done a number of modern houses including Decatur's RainShine House and the tour's Harris/Carroll residence.

Vivian Bencich is Principal, Interior Designer at Square Feet Studios. They designed the footbridge over the railroad at White Provision, one of the my very favorite structures in Atlanta.

In the center is architect Bryan Russell of Dencity Design who the did the
Liotta Residence on the tour. (If you are getting all modern'ed out, see the Dencity house at Alys Beach.) On the left is Clair Bannerman host of "Our Coastal Art Scene with Claire Bannerman" on 30-A Radio. On the right is Kara Thomas, designer with Habachy Designs who worked on the Liotta house.
P1020492-2010-06-06-Modern-Atlanta-10-Barkesdale-CLAIR-BANNERMAN-BRYAN-RUSSELL Dencity-KARA-THOMAS-Habachy

This is architect, Joseph Dreher, responsible for the new "bridge" and major renovations of the tour's Wollaert Residence. Joe is an alumni of Peter Block Architects.

I'd like to thank my fellow Sunday Docents Christy Nixon, Rochelle Cole, Caitlin Henry, and to Matt-Dahlhauser from Cablik Enterprises, builder of the Liotta Residence. And thanks to the the owners who allowed us to spend a wonderful day enjoying their house.

I'd like to say hello to fell docent Allan Price, architect at Pieper O'Brien Herr Architects. Wish I'd gotten a picture.


I promised a horse lamp:


  1. You just have to love a horse lamp. I once saw a lamp of a monkey in a cowboy hat riding a horse, I regret not buying it, just for the conversation value alone.

  2. Terry, how exciting, so fun to see fresh contemporarty pieces. You night like the art I have just posted by Steve maloney! Very unique!

    Art by Karena

  3. Handsome group, Terry! So when you saw the horse lamp in person in lee's house, what did you think? Was his sense of humor evident? Lots to be said for laughter :-)

  4. Yes folks certainly laughed WITH the horse. And you can tell this better in the picture: It's a watch horse or perhaps a pet staring out the window waiting for the owner to come home.

    Yes, most houses are so serious.

  5. Saw you on the tour, Terry, but wasn't sure it was you since I know you only via blog but since I was only 99% sure it was you and not 100% sure, I chickened out of saying hello. Next time. :)

    Great tour, huh?

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