Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meeting Charles and Ray Eames at MA 10

See all my Modern Atlanta 10 Photo's here; you might be in one of them.

Eames Demetrios interprets this pictograph letter from Charles Eames. Eames said he chose his grandparents well. He introduced us to Charles and Ray Eames Thursday night at Modern Atlanta 10.

The evening started for me at 6 with "Environment 'Nature & Design'" a seminar by Atlanta designers Naomi Mann (left) and Karen Raymer.

There was a good crowd.


Aftewards I headed over to Room and Board for a delightful evening with Eames Demetrios. I'm sure Ray and Charles would say they picked their grandchildren well. I confess that until recently I thought Charles and Ray were brothers. But I'm feeling much better now, thank you.

Eames was there early.

The crowd gathered

and gathered

then the introduction.

I think we're just going to have to read some books about the Eames. Mr. Demetrios said that the Library of Congress has more than 800,000 Eames items. I'm sure you will enjoy The TED presentation about Charles and Ray as a brief introduction.

Eames got to work.

Most of us sat stunned but happy just like Modern Atlanta founder Bernard McCoy's silhouette.

Eames hung out after the show and showed us movies including "Toccata for Toy Trains " from 1957.
You can see the my accidental clever self portrait in the mirror.

He even signed an Eames chair.

I think we hung around until we ate all those desserts. Thanks Room and Board.

Everyone was so nice. I met architect Peter S.K. Yeung who is just as much a fan as we are.

And I met architects Jose Tavel and Cara Cummins from TaC studios/architecture who designed the Harris Carroll Residence on the MA 10 tour this weekend. I'm visiting their place tonight for the Architect Studio Crawl & Happy Hour!.
I apologize to Cara for catching her in mid-blink.

Wow that was fun. You should have been there.

Here are more pictures from MA 10 in my Flickr Collection. And here is my blog post from the MA 10 Tuesday night kickoff party.

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  1. Boy, you had to soak that up! I sure would have!

  2. What an inspirational evening! I am a nut for the Eames' work. It is not their aesthetic that drives me so much to them (though I like that, too), but their philosophy. The couple really did try to create solutions with their designs, they believed in the betterment of society through design. They made delightful objects, furnishings and homes and (as you saw, films).

    The LCW made quite an impression on me when I first sat on it. It was one of those moments when I came to really begin to understand good design. Now I have 2 in my little living room and I always encourage guests to sit on them and experience them.

    Please keep the MA10 posts coming, Terry!


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