Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to move from Home Park to Morningside?

Call the Kearns Moving Crew and some friends. Why are we smiling during a 90 degree muggy Atlanta evening move? Answer below.

Chirs, Me, Rachel, Katherine, David, Stefan, and our midnight black 1990 pickup.

You will need 2 of my 3 favorite trucker babes.



Stefan and David may look a little gnarly in mid-move but it's hot down here and they just came off the golf course.

Stefan performed above and beyond the call of duty. Cool shirt/short combination too.

David can tote furniture in his sleep. He moved injured (turf burns from soccer last night).

Chris is the kind of friend who deserves our highest honors. That's why he gets the big bucks.

Katherine will read maps in the shower if necessary.

Rachel project managed and looked buff.

I offerd age, wisdom, and perspiration when absolutely required. I think this is called a foot board.

We did 3 pickup truck trips, 3 Element trips, and 2 Camry trips. We moved all styles.

Why were we smiling? Because the air conditioning in the new place was set to 60.


P.S. Remember your first place? When your apartment was just a place to sleep. When popular older neighborhoods were full of cool little rentals? When you found inexpensive places by word of mouth?

This is one of those places: the basement apartment in this house. Very cool place, very good air conditioning, creekside, giant trees, big rocking chair porch. You'd never know from driving by.


  1. You didn't adequately describe the heat/humidity.

    No moving furniture or playing golf necessary to be drenched in sweat. Merely, step outside. Voila, poof, drenched.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Ah, brings back memories of college days--many addresses, many truckloads of stuff. We were always in search of the perfect, cool rental.

  3. Tara, word fail on Atlanta Heat but there is worse.

    Angela, many memories for me too. I lived in some awful places. Took marriage to get me out the gutter.

  4. Reminds me of the days my mom would come to Athens and help move me and my brother into new places every year. The worst was when my brother was moving into the fraternity house and mom got very into the project and decided we needed to paint the room and move everything in in like 5 hours.... also many memories of late night moves... such a since of adventure moving to a new place :)

  5. I lived in Home Park while I was a student at Tech. I would have smiled simply to move to Morningside - definitely a step up! I am thankful for this break from the heat - aren't you!?

  6. I lived at 942 West Peachtree my last year at Tech. We moved out after it burned down over Christmas. Used to be a lot more funky student apartments in midtown.


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