Saturday, December 29, 2012

Permit? I Thought YOU Got the Permit

This "stop work" sign went up after noon yesterday. At lunchtime workers were loading debris into roll-offs. At dinnertime I found this.

12-28-12, Friday

I looked online and couldn't find the permit. Did you know you can search Atlanta building permits and enter complaints online?

Stop work orders are common. In my neighborhood a contractor can go to court for leaving too many dirt clods on the street. They keep their eye peeled for little white pickups with a city logo. But I think the contractors on this demolition are too experienced to make this mistake.

This demolition has been going on for 10 days.

The sign was there from the beginning, December 18. I mean from the beginning of the end.

There must be some mistake.

See "On Peachtree You Can't Do It Like This Anymore."

J. A. McCord Apartment 1923 designed by Neel Reid. Job 491 Hentz, Reid and Adler. - J. Neel Reid: Architect of Hentz, Reid and Adler and the Georgia School of Classicists by William R. Mitchell Jr..


  1. So are they replacing it with an awful generic apartment building like the one behind this? This is just so depressing.

    1. That's what we think. But several fine buildings of the era by the same firm survive and thrive nearby.

  2. It doesn't look like they attempted to salvage ANYTHING from the building. Doors, casings, everything, still clearly visible in what's left of it. So sad.

  3. I wonder if they tried to save anything at all? It looked like a solid building to me.

  4. Thanks to Ann who wrote:
    "Can confirmed the building was designed by Hentz, Reid & Adler Architects as noted in newspaper display ad for opening. Built by T.T. Flagler Company, Engineers and Builders."

    "AJC Archives Display Ad 19 June 9, 1922"

  5. Wow, I can't believe they have demo'd this building. Such a shame. What about historic preservation?

    Anywhoo, hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year! Best wishes in 2013. -c

  6. I am so sad to see this Neel Reid building come down.I live in a Neel Reid home in Ansley Park. Shame on the developer who has done this. I remember an article about 5 years ago that said this building would be converted to condos and reused and saved. Whoever developed Viewpoint is the developer.they also should have saved some of the beautiful architectural details on the front facade.

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