Friday, December 14, 2012

Ashley Anderson @ACAC with @ybgb, at Corrina's, and @maigh

I spiffed up the house before the ladies arrived for book club then bolted for ACAC, then Phoenix Metal Works, then Maigh's birthday tweet-up.

First, ACAC: the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center and Young Blood Gallery had a little Christmas Shop with eggnog. EGGNOG. Twitter fans: @ACAC @ybgb @TerryKearns

Know Ashley Anderson? He's one of the many super-friendly bearded artists around here. I asked to see his sketchbook. Turns out he'd designed the latest ACAC mug..

Is that cool or what? You can buy one from ACAC they'd sure appreciate it.

Did you heard the good news about Young Blood Gallery and Mint Gallery?

Short version: Young Blood was going to close after 10 years. Good News: The Young Blood store will remain open under new management, Mint will move to the gallery space, Young Blood founders Kelly Teasley and Maggie White will move on to other things including popup shows. Win, win, win. @ybgb and @mintatl.

Before I left I got a little preview of ACAC's next event: featuring Alix Pearlstein.

Next Stop, The Goat Farm. @GoatFarmArtsCtr

The Goat Farm is the site of Phoenix Metal Works, home of artist / metal worker Corrina Sephora Mensof.

This is my favorite Corriana picture, in profile with crown. I'm the one with chins.

You've probably seen her "Sun Moon Nautilus Passage" gate at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Above is a study for it. The word "awesome" was invented folks like Corrina.

Corrina had a Christmas ornament DIY table.

She's always working on commissions. Here is a rendering for one. This art has to fit and it has to work.

She's built some of it already - stunning.

Corrina has a thing for boats these days; sometimes boats with wings and wheels.

Last stop was @maigh 's birthday tweet-up at The Marlay House,  @themarlay,

This is how much they love Maigh, a real Twitter tag tag.

They invented "awesome" for Maigh so we're keeping her identity secret.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday to Maigh.

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