Sunday, December 16, 2012

Classical Exuberance for an Enthusiast by an Enthusiast

On a circle of impressive estate houses it's the only one I can remember. It's the only one that makes me smile.

It's so different from the neighbors, so close the street, and so classical that it's a public landmark as well as a house.

It's on a bluff of Nancy Creek in a heavily wooded, hilly neighborhood with winding roads.

The lot slopes steeply down a Nancy Creek bluff. The effect is startling. As you drive up, you meet the eave at eye-level.

Isn't it funny? In this temple of a building the plain whitewashed chimnies stained with soot and the green capped roof lantern make me think of people living inside.

In fall and winter it feels as if it's right on the curb.

How old do you think it is?

The big slope hides the neighbor's house from the street. I think it's a modern.

You can just see the portico on the back. That's where the view is, toward the Nancy Creek valley.

Here's a little classical lesson: "In Classical architecture, a giant order (also known as colossal order) is an order whose columns or pilasters span two (or more) stories"

So when was it built? 1999.

It was designed by Christine Franck for Rodney Cook and I guarantee that Rodney had a big hand in the design. This is the way Christine and Rodney (and I) like them.

P.S. Christine is an architect AND a powerhouse classical educator. Friend her on Facebook. Like Christine G. H. Franck, Inc. on Facebook. Follow @cghfranck on Twitter. The Christine G. H. Franck Flickr page is spectacular for classical fans. I've blogged her before at "Amazing Chadsworth Cottage and Chadsworth Columns."

Learn more about Rodney at the National Monuments Foundation and the Millennium Gate. I've blogged Rodney here: "Leon and Robert Krier visit Georgia and speak in Atlanta" (except Leon couldn't make it).

P.P.S. Rodney doesn't live here.


  1. One could fall in love with that roof.

  2. Terry, thank you so very, very much for this heartfelt review of the house I designed in Buckhead. I really love how much you love seeing it and driving past it. That it makes you smile, well, that is the finest of compliments. Thank you for covering it.
    Christine G. H. Franck

  3. Great house. If I recall correctly, this is on the same street as a house designed by the late Charles Moore for the Inman?? family. Now that house makes me smile. Featured years ago in a shelter magazine.

  4. I meant to say: by the late GREAT Charles Moore.


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