Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On Peachtree You Can't Do It Like This Anymore

Demolition of 109 Seventh Street Atlanta, the J. A. McCord Apartment 1923 designed by Neel Reid of Hentz, Reid & Adler. It faces Seventh Street but it's just 50 yards from Peachtree.

Picture taken 2012-12-18.

"Rumor that this was a Reid design proved correct. First Occupied in 1923."  - J. Neel Reid: Architect of Hentz, Reid and Adler and the Georgia School of Classicists by William R. Mitchell.

If you've lived in Atlanta long enough and frequent midtown, you might have caught this out of the corner of your eye.

Which one doesn't belong? Each floor had two, 2 bedroom apartments. This shows the three east side apartments.


  1. Please tell me someone at least saved the swap above the door.

  2. The brickwork, the windows! Ack, my heart breaks.

  3. Good-bye beautiful, old piece of history, hello big steal and glass skyscraper.

  4. There is/was stuff in there that folks would want.

  5. Hate to see these beautiful old buildings being lost. They have soul.

  6. Great pix, Terry. Any idea what's going up there? Hope it's something striking!

    1. "Beginning next month, Novare plans to build a 24-story sister tower behind ViewPoint, with a parking deck at the corner of 7th and Juniper." according to Curbed

  7. I lived in that top floor, east apartment, in the mid 80's. It was such a wonderful building- butler's pantries, dental sinks, beautiful floors and huge rooms. The grand entry was enough to make the building spectacular. This breaks my heart- Neel Reid was a genius- I still have the book "The Architecture of Neel Reid".


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