Saturday, March 3, 2012

Corner Teardown in Peachtree Hills is Done

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I like corner houses. They show at least one more side to the street. This one shows 3 sides as you'll see.

The lot is narrow and deep. The deep side uses different siding materials, colors and bump-outs to break up a looming big wall.

Size: 1,358 sqft Acres .1837 Year built: 1935. The new one 3,400 sqft. and it's for sale: $899,000 Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 5.

That big bush could put your eye out.

Here she is.

Peachtree Hills is a neighborhood of little houses in Buckhead. It's a terrific place in nearly every way. Mansion-free prestige, lots too small for estates, houses close to the street, this isn't the place to demonstrate that you have "Arrived" or "Really Arrived."



The slope keeps the new house from overpowering its neighbor. The tall building on the left edge of the picture is on Peachtree.

This one is on a T-bone intersection, Atlanta's hilly lushness on display. Our teardown's lot slopes down to the west and to the north.

Is that picket fence on the corner charming or what? Little details like that make Peachtree Hills a prime Architecture Tourist drive-through.

It doesn't exactly blend in though.

Looking up at the back, the north facade on the back, west facade on the side.



This is where the big wall will go. I liked it just fine this way. This demonstrates the modest charm that makes Peachtree hills so appealing to me: it's a little time capsule. This is not the "Buckhead" look.

You can see that the modest houses are usually bigger than they look from the street. That retaining wall is serious. Do you suppose it has lasted 80 years? If you don't mow the backyard around here, sooner or later you'll have a forest.

I'll leave you with the big wall. It could have been horrible.

For extra credit I'd urge you to compare this one to last week's teardown in Virginia Highland. Though this one is much more detailed, the Va-Hi house sold long before it was done.

Thanks to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. Terry, I know this house - sometimes I drive past it on the way to the supermarket if I take the "back roads" - and I don't dislike it. Maybe I'm too used to seeing large-scale houses replacing smaller ones in these older neighborhoods. I remember how shocking it was in Sherwood Forest when they began tearing down the beautiful ranches and cottages and replacing them with bloated "mansions". Still, good taste or a knowledge of proportion has never been an impediment to a developer - Beverly Road in Ansley being living proof!

  2. You wish there could be a "studio" once a week. Any builder could show their elevations to a panel of professionals who could say: "for no more money it could look twice as good."

  3. Though in California, I still appreciate a house like this. The finished product may not yet look like it fits in with the others, but suspect there'll be changes coming to some of the other houses shortly. This is a beautiful job - kudos!!!

  4. Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)


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