Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good Stuff Recap from "The Phoenix Flies" 2012

Staci Catron said that Atlanta holds it own in the "good stuff" department. It's just not concentrated in a "good stuff" district. Staci is Director of the Cherokee Garden Library and she ought to know.

Thanks to the Atlanta Preservation Center and to hundreds of people and organizations who put on "The Phoenix Flies 2012 to help us discover some of it.

I've gathered material for many blogs but it's overwhelming. Do you mind skimming some of my pictures? Click here to see them all here, if you have the time.

Ponce is a big street by car and even bigger by foot. Thirty feet westbound, thirty feet eastbound and thirty feet for the trolly down the middle.

Young artists show in the oldest house at the Grant Mansion.

The Bitsy Grant Tennis Center is a pastoral sports paradise off of Northside Drive. The restored building seems transparent, a good place to sample human scaled modern architecture.

The Cathedral of St. Philip seems ageless yet doesn't show a spec of dust.

The roof on the Ponce is a playground for people and ladybugs.

The Wren's Nest unexpectedly floored me. It's been a museum for 99 years, kept almost as if Mr. Harris just walked out. It's a time capsule of history and culture.

The Progressive Organ Recital was overwhelming. A block from the state capital: three of Atlanta's oldest congregations, three of the oldest church buildings, three organs, three organists, 3 tunes each. Above: Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

P1050904-2012-03-18-Progressive-Organ-Recital-Phoenix-Flies-Central Presbyterian-Church-organist-Michael-Morgan
Above: Central Presbyterian Church.

Downtown can make you you feel small. Above: Trinity United Methodist Church.

Inside Trinity United Methodist Church.

I took one more trip to the Grant Mansion to hear Rick Spitzmiller talk about restoring his house.

Good way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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  1. More like of an exhibit. People would know more about the history of these places.


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