Sunday, March 4, 2012

Beep Beep, Kibbee, Young Blood, {Poem88} 4 galleries on Saturday

First Saturdays are for the Ponce Crush Gallery Stroll: Beep Beep Gallery, Kibbee Gallery, and Young Blood Gallery. I added {Poem88} Gallery on the west side to make it an even 4.

By Mehmet Dogu at {Poem88}.

1. My first stop was Beep Beep, a one-room gallery on Charles Allen at Ponce. It's a very easy gallery to visit and it's easy going inside.

It was a Mike German solo show "Bootstrap Paradox" at BeepBeep.

"Adorned" seems happy with the "do."

There was a lot see in each work "Mike Germon's collage and installation work combine the visual elements of religious and scientific source materials. Both modern and vintage graphic design inform the minimalist compositions of his relatively small pieces."

2. Next: East to Kibbee Gallery on Linwood behind Fellini's. Kibbee is a converted house and folks still hang out in the kitchen. It was a group show, "Transcendence." I talked with 3 artists.

Jaynie Crimmons sculpts shredded paper, the 3 square works above. I didn't get a good picture so look here, reminds me of Brian Dettmer's book carvings.

Grady Haugerud has returned to Atlanta, a good thing. The work seemed ancient, the glyphs indecipherable, you could have dug this out of the dessert.

Katy Malone was in charge of delightful colors and delightful smiles with success on both counts.

3. Young Blood Gallery and Boutique, is on lively block of Highland between Ponce and North. It's a narrow and deep old storefront, shop in front, gallery in back, lot's of people energy when it's rocking, minimalism rarely spoken here.

David Hale does birds and assemblages; he must not need sleep.

Young Blood pumps energy.

4. {Poem 88) is in White Provisions, "...emphasizing the necessity for both a solid conceptual framework and excellence of execution in art-making." It's a new high-ceilinged storefront across from Yeah Burger, newer by 80 years than the Ponce Crush galleries.

Breathing room is the byword for {Poem 88}. It's a dual show: "Living Color."

Here is Julia Kjelgaard and a bit of her work behind. Julia is Chair and Senior Lecturer of the Visual Arts Department at Emory University. You should visit her portfolio.

Here is Mehmet Dogu's back and his wall of architectural images.

Mehmet has an uncanny sense of the pinks I love.



  1. Some very nice art. Most people try to make stuff rather than looking at galleries but I happen to love professional art and it's great to see what the scene looks like in another city. Thanks, as always, for stopping by. Jane

  2. Thanks for this good report- I missed these.


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