Monday, March 19, 2012

Cameron Adams' Atlanta Street Fashion secrets.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Cameron Adams yesterday at "The Ponce" for The Phoenix Flies. Right before my eyes he teamed up with Megan for an Atlanta Street Fashion shoot.

Cameron Adams and Megan review pictures for an Atlanta Street Fashion blog post.

Of course we know Cameron as "Best of Atlanta 2011: Local Fashion Blogger.", Right? Well now you know.

Cameron gently shows us familiar sights that often make our day. He finds folks who try just a little harder to look good. Cameron knows that people are the best content.

It was only minutes after we got on the roof that I spotted Cameron introduced himself to Megan and they headed for a shoot on the west belvedere.

I followed to get these exclusive, top secret photos.

Cameron is in his trademark sleeveless sweater (behind the lady in white) consulting with Megan on where to shoot.

We were at Peachtree and Ponce after all, on the roof of the Atlanta's coolest and curviest: The Ponce Apartments, now called The Ponce Condominium.

Megan posed with her back to Peachtree and Cameron shot.

Quite a view I think even with Atlanta's hazy pollen-sky.

A look in the monitor.


I think they got it.

What a delight. Check it out: Atlanta Street Fashion : Saturday, March 17, 2012 Phoenix Flies: Ponce De Leon Apartments. Do you tweet? Follow Cameron @CameronAdams.

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