Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Very Prominent Teardown/Poptop on North Highland -Part 1

It's at the corner of Morningside and North Highland, one of our busiest crossroads. The curves and hills make this house a terminal vista. This one will have more visual impact than other renovations in the neighborhood. Could it be too good?

They seem to be raising the roof rather than tearing it down.

On Tuesday guys in HASMAT suits started on the siding, working in the rain.

P1020940-2011-12-06-1325 NORTH-HIGHLAND-poptop-demo-blue-tarp-side-detail
I wonder if they'll keep the porch a porch. I always liked it.

This is the approach on Morningside. You can't miss it. It's not a landmark building; it was never meant to be fabulous, more a work-a-day family home.

The 2 Morningside/Rockspring intersections are a bit more upscale; so is the Rocksprings/North Highland intersection.

This was a quadraplex. That tax records imply that it was converted from single family, who knows when?

It was always well kept. The generous front porch seemed cozy even on this intersection.

I always wonder how they fit four apartments in there. The skylights must light a livable upstairs.

Must be a unit downstairs too.

I wonder what it will look like. I wonder if it will remain multi-unit or go single-family.

P1020941-2011-12-06-1325 NORTH-HIGHLAND-poptop-demo-blue-tarp-driving-South
I hope it's good.

In Part 2 I'll show you the intersection.


  1. I agree. I prefer to leave the porch. I enjoyed this post.

  2. That absolutely look like a single family home, I also wonder how four apartments can fit into that cozy-looking home? :D

  3. These bungalows are always bigger than we expect.


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